Month: July 2019

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Stay alert and avoid the Facebook’s Libra Coin Pre-Sale Scam.

I just came along a website which teaches you “How to Invest on Facebook’s Libra” in pre-sale. I first found this in a facebook ad. I don’t want to put the clickable link here but attached a screenshot if someone really likes to open it for research purpose. It claims that they are selling libra …


Join the DUSK Network Giveaway Campaign and Enter the 50000 DUSK Reward Pool.

Just now I have discovered this new and awesome giveaway campaign by DUSK network, where you can earn points by completing simple tasks and claim your free share of DUSK from the reward pool of 50000 DUSK tokens. DUSK Tokens are already traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex, Bitfinex, EThfinex, and Binance DEX. Which …

blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Scam-alert

Is CoinbitKorea a scam cryptocurrency exchange? Here is my recent experience.

Coinbit Korea I didn’t hear about this exchange before until I saw a token I hold was trading at a much higher price than in the other exchanges. That’s only a few days ago. I immediately checked the exchange website and it was convincing to me. I saw some of the other coins are also …

blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, facebook, social media

Is Facebook’s Libra Really A cryptocurrency?

bitcoin vs libra

I believe this image from @cryptopotato did great justice to help to understand the difference between Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency “Libra” or “Libracoin” and the Bitcoin and the co’s or simply altcoins.⠀⠀ But we cannot deny the fact that Facebook has very large active userbase worldwide, which surely is a big plus point for the Project Libra, and also it could …