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Does the new brave browser really contains harmful program/virus?

I have been using Brave browser(older version) and a Kaspersky internet security in my system and it was working perfectly fine, I mean no virus issue / or alert from Kaspersky. But 1 or 2 days ago I downloaded and installed new Brave updates as the Brave itself prompted it for longer. But today(after 2 …

blockchain technology, cryptocurrency

Join CoinBundle #cryptofever and #Airdrop Program and Earn Some Free Tokens.

Coinbundle is a new and upcoming platform for Cryptocurrency Investment with zero fees as it says. As the slogan “Crypto-Investing available to Everyone” it aims to be the easiest medium ever for normal people to Invest in Cryptocurrencies. It enables a unique mechanism to buy bundles of cryptocurrencies and tokens in just one click. With …


Empowr is a legal Scam, do not invest your time or money on this shit.

Lately, I have been seeing too many posts about empowr, a so-called social media site/platform where you earn by posting and engaging. A very similar concept with steemit, but much older than steemit and it has been robbing innocent people for a long time with its scammy business model while steem is earning us something …

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How to add beautiful CSS3 animations on WordPress content using Animate It!(Tutorial)

Animate it! is a free and open source plugin for WordPress to add some supercool CSS3 animations on our contents. This is available for Joomla as well. It has some very cool features to add CSS3 animation effects on our WordPress contents. Some of these Feature includes: Allowing user to apply CSS3 animations on Post, …

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How to use Laverna text editor in browser?(Tutorial)

Laverna is a beautiful markdown editor as well as note taking app which is open source and free to use. It can be used as an alternative to Evernote as well since it supports multiple platforms. The Advantage of Using Laverna In browser. Open and free to use. No registration required. Privacy-focused. Awesome interface and …

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How to Use Google Chrome Like A Pro?(Video Tutorial)

Google chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers exists that supports multidevice and multi-OS. This is an open sourced browser with many cool and amazing features. Today I have gathered myself some tips and tricks to use google chrome like a pro using some of the google chrome’s inbuilt features. Choose Startup Pages. …

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How to Install Anaconda Distribution In Windows System and Run Some Basic Conda Commands.

Anaconda is a distribution package for programming languages like python, the most popular python data science platform as it says. The main advantage of using anaconda is it comes with many pre-built python/data science packages, which will be installed automatically after installing anaconda distribution in our system. Anaconda also comes with its own inbuilt package …

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How to Display Steemit Posts Feed In your WordPress Website/Blog?(Step by Step Tutorial)

Do you know we can display our steemit posts(blogs) on a WordPress site just by using a plugin? I found this WordPress plugin just a few days ago. Wanted to give a try, installed in one of my WordPress blog and its working very well for me. Today I am going to show you how …

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7 Reasons Why You Must Use Social Media Marketing For Your Brand

Why social media marketing

What is Social Media Marketing? “Social media marketing refers to the process of attaining targeted visitors or attention via social networking websites”. Social Media site is usually a  phrase pertaining to websites that people use to build social relations with other people. For example, Twitter is usually a social media site which allows users to …