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Did you also get 888,888 Shittoken Aka Kicktoken in your Ethereum wallet?

Kick token aka shittoken frozen drop

Yes, I am writing this post because I also got that 888,888 shittoken I never heard of before. At first glance, I also enjoyed the drop as it was around $86 of value and who doesn’t like that much of free crypto that came out of nowhere?

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Stay alert and avoid the Facebook’s Libra Coin Pre-Sale Scam.

I just came along a website which teaches you “How to Invest on Facebook’s Libra” in pre-sale. I first found this in a facebook ad. I don’t want to put the clickable link here but attached a screenshot if someone really likes to open it for research purpose. It claims that they are selling libra …

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Is CoinbitKorea a scam cryptocurrency exchange? Here is my recent experience.

Coinbit Korea I didn’t hear about this exchange before until I saw a token I hold was trading at a much higher price than in the other exchanges. That’s only a few days ago. I immediately checked the exchange website and it was convincing to me. I saw some of the other coins are also …