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Join the DUSK Network Giveaway Campaign and Enter the 50000 DUSK Reward Pool.

Just now I have discovered this new and awesome giveaway campaign by DUSK network, where you can earn points by completing simple tasks and claim your free share of DUSK from the reward pool of 50000 DUSK tokens. DUSK Tokens are already traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex, Bitfinex, EThfinex, and Binance DEX. Which …


Facebook Willing To Raise Funds Up to $1 B For Their Cryptocurrency.

We have heard lots of rumors about #facebook working on a #Blockchain project since the last year. It all started when Mark Zuckenberg publicly posted a status thinly related to it back in January of last year and it didn’t stop there. Since then many reports from #mainstream media and even interviews from facebook employee …


Empowr is a legal Scam, do not invest your time or money on this shit.

Lately, I have been seeing too many posts about empowr, a so-called social media site/platform where you earn by posting and engaging. A very similar concept with steemit, but much older than steemit and it has been robbing innocent people for a long time with its scammy business model while steem is earning us something …