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Did you also get 888,888 Shittoken Aka Kicktoken in your Ethereum wallet?

Kick token aka shittoken frozen drop

Yes, I am writing this post because I also got that 888,888 shittoken I never heard of before. At first glance, I also enjoyed the drop as it was around $86 of value and who doesn’t like that much of free crypto that came out of nowhere?

Shitcoin Image credit to coincentral.

Literally, I never heard of this token before they appeared in my Ethereum wallet. As I saw it was listed on too many exchanges I finally decided to trade them in one of the exchanges I have registered already, namely Kucoin. But when I actually tried to transfer my tokens and all of them failed which made me to lose some ETH as gas. Then I suspected it’s just a display token for my wallet which has no value at all, i.e. worthless shitcoin as I have encountered many before too. Of course, it’s worthless when you can’t do anything with it(I mean to send or trade).

failed transaction on etherscan while transferring kick token.

It’s just a new trick to gain traction by dropping frozen tokens, which in reality has no value.

And I was right as I found their medium post 888,888 KickTokens Frozen Drop to each of 167,375 crypto users is coming . Yes, it was a frozen drop, which means you can not move your token until some conditions are met and there are not any instructions on how to unlock those tokens.

The terms and conditions of the tokens “unfreezing” process are very simple and fair and will be announced after the official launch of KickEX exchange soon ….

And avoid all those fancy words and fake promises they have written in that announcement post. It is just a trap.

After reading some posts from google all the hidden and past activities came to the picture. The airdrop was started a few months ago and I’m pretty much late to get the trash. The kickico is an old project where lots of investors lose their money as there is an -99 ROI figure in coinmarketcap. And with this free shitdrop they want to gain attention from the new users, pump the price on their centralized exchanges and again run away with profits. And by the time we will finally able to move these kick tokens from our wallet it will worth nothing.

So guys please don’t get any excitement if you also got this display trashcoin called Kick(Kicktoken) in your wallet.

That’s the reason I made this post, to stop you guys from the overexcitement and wasting your time researching it as I did in the first instance. I might not write all but believe me I have done most of the research part and I want you to stop here because if you are reading this I believe you are also trying to dig more about that trash kicktoken.

Bitcointalk discussion thread about this trashcoin. I checked some redit posts too and all of them are saying the same thing i.e. kicktoken is a shitcoin.

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