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Does the new brave browser really contains harmful program/virus?

I have been using Brave browser(older version) and a Kaspersky internet security in my system and it was working perfectly fine, I mean no virus issue / or alert from Kaspersky.
But 1 or 2 days ago I downloaded and installed new Brave updates as the Brave itself prompted it for longer. But today(after 2 days of installation, and I was working fine too), Kaspersky warned me about the malicious object present on my system file, and without looking for the file I tried to disinfect it and this whole thing starts. It uninstalled/brave from my system and now it’s not letting me re-install again, saying some part/object of the program contains/installs a virus on my system.
I know Kaspersky have had a similar issue with many programs but still it arises so many questions and of course doubts in my mind since my Kaspersky is acting as if I have a serious problem in my system.

Can anyone explain it to me please??


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