Empowr is a legal Scam, do not invest your time or money on this shit.


Lately, I have been seeing too many posts about empowr, a so-called social media site/platform where you earn by posting and engaging. A very similar concept with steemit, but much older than steemit and it has been robbing innocent people for a long time with its scammy business model while steem is earning us something real.

Searching empowr inside steemit shows too many results.

Do not misunderstand steemit with empowr(legit vs scam)

Now I am concerned with all these false shilled posts about empowr on steemit. Because new users can easily fall for this since they find it similar to steemit. And as steem/steemit is proving itself and gaining trust from users, I feel like empowr(scammers) wants to hijack that trust and reputation by promoting their scammy product/service among steem users.

Now they have even introduced their own cryptocurrency coin empr or something like that which is not a surprising thing because scammers are rapidly shifting to cryptocurrency space as it has become a hot topic/tech in recent years but also a very safe haven for scammers.

I don’t want to do my all the review things here because it’s already a known scam to most of the user and you can find lots of review about this with a simple google search. However, I want to mention some of them in points to lower your workload.

Just search for keywords like empowr scam in google search, hopefully, you will get lots of unbiased answers there, like these:

empowr Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion
What is Empowr? Is it a scam?

Empowr is rebranded version of Fanbox.

Empowr, is not a new business, it is a renewed version of well-known scam fanbox, which later rebranded to empowr to scam more new users since the earlier one was too much exposed.

Again try searching for fanbox scam or similar keyword on google.


I admit I was one of the victims of fanbox, I didn’t lose that much of money but I wasted too much of my precious time there in my initial days in digital world market /online money.

So my point here is, never ever engage on such scam platform like fanbox/empowr to waste your time and money. Investigate enough before trying any such platforms because scammers are everywhere and blockchain/cryptocurrency isn’t odd. In fact, blockchain and cryptocurrency have already become an easy and new toolkit for such con artists.

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