Facebook Willing To Raise Funds Up to $1 B For Their Cryptocurrency.

We have heard lots of rumors about #facebook working on a #Blockchain project since the last year. It all started when Mark Zuckenberg publicly posted a status thinly related to it back in January of last year and it didn’t stop there. Since then many reports from #mainstream media and even interviews from facebook employee and @Zuck himself clearly suggest that they are eyeing blockchain for authorization and decentralization of user data or something bigger than that by launching their own #cryptocurrency and #cryptowallet. And just yesterday I found this new development around it in a tweet from @NathanielPopper, a journalist at The New York Times(@nytimes) which reads, “Update on Facebook’s cryptocurrency: Sources tell me that Facebook is now looking to get VC firms to invest in the Facebook cryptocurrency project we reported on earlier this year. I hear they are targeting big sums — as much as $1b.” Facebook is one of the richest company in the world and now they want to raise money up to $1 billion from #venturecapitals for their #crypto project. It’s really getting interesting and I couldn’t wait to see the end product.

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