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Join CoinBundle #cryptofever and #Airdrop Program and Earn Some Free Tokens.

Coinbundle is a new and upcoming platform for Cryptocurrency Investment with zero fees as it says. As the slogan “Crypto-Investing available to Everyone” it aims to be the easiest medium ever for normal people to Invest in Cryptocurrencies. It enables a unique mechanism to buy bundles of cryptocurrencies and tokens in just one click.

With CoinBundle you can invest in different bundles of cryptocurrencies. That helps you to save time on researching as well as diversify your cryptocurrency investment risks.

Coinbundle is giving away 10M tokens worth $1,000,000+ just for testing their #beta platform.


Yes, coinbundle is rewarding 10M native BNDL ERC20 tokens to its early beta testers.All you have to do is Sign Up For Beta Platform and start testing the platform, trading with beta balance available. Higher you rank the more you win. It’s that simple.


Earn More Tokens From Airdrop:

We can also earn more tokens participating on BundleRewards, all you need to do is complete some tasks available from #airdrop dashboard and submit.


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