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Kick Token PumPing and Dumping Creating Fake Value With Their Frozen Airdrop.

About a week ago I wrote an article about kicktoken(kick) 888,888 airdrop Did you also get 888,888 Shittoken Aka Kicktoken in your Ethereum wallet? Where I put my view on why this is just a spam token on your wallet and has no significant value. And today when I tried to track that token again, I felt all of my fuzzy perceptions is turning to be true.

I got a similar 888,888 spam token on my second Ethereum wallet yesterday or the day before. And by that time that 888888 shit had value more than $600.I was busy with something else so I couldn’t explore more on that. But today when I checked it again that value has already dropped to around $250, which was all expected but not this early.

value of kickico aka kick token spam on etherscan

And when I checked their token contract address the 888,888 frozen drops haven’t stopped yet. It looks like they are creating an unlimited number of token and dropping them to all the active Ethereum wallets available till the date.

The Kicktoken 888,888 airdrop is actually very successful.

As I said in my previous post Did you also get 888,888 Shittoken Aka Kicktoken in your Ethereum wallet? , this frozen drop is only to get attraction from new users, pumping the price and dumping it when the creators and initial investors get enough profit. That is what exactly happening right now. They pumped the price to the peak and dumping the tokens to the exchanges. Hence I said this as successful in terms of them.

coinmarketcap stats graph of kicktoken during the last month

If you have seen the coinmarketcap, it was at the position between 30-40 a few days ago with an all-time high market cap above 600M. It was at around 60-70 last time when I made a post last week. But when you see the coinmarketcap today, the market cap is an all-time low bellow 1M and coinmarketcap position above around 1000. It’s clear that the airdrop is just pumping and dumping of the shitcoin creating fake/artificial value among the unaware and new crypto users.

If you have signed for an account on their fake exchange your data possibly is at risk.

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